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Vol.54 No.1
Elastomers and Composites
Print : 2092-9676
Page Title Author DOI
1~6 A Study on Electric Properties of Polyamide Film due to Temperature Change Sung Ill Lee†
7~13 Mechanical Properties and Thermal Stability of Waste PVC/HDPE Blend Prepared by Twin-screw Extruder Rami Lee, Se-Ho Park, Jong-sung Baek, Hyoungsan Kye*, Kwang-Hwan Jhee, and Daesuk Bang†
14~21 Synthesis and Properties of Combined Main-Chain/Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Cholesteryl and Azobenzene Groups Su-Jin Gu, Eung-Jae Lee*, and Moon-Soo Bang†
22~29 Mechanical Properties of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Reinforced with Hybrids of Chitosan and Bamboo Charcoal/Silica Xiang Xu Li* and Ur Ryong Cho*,**,†
30~34 Chemical Structure Effect of Diisocyanate on the Coating Performance of Polyurethane-based Gel-coats Jin Hwan Park*, Seung-Suk Baek*,#, Oh Young Kim*, Seheum Hong*, Dong Hyup Park**, and Seok-Ho Hwang*,†
35~39 Study on Properties with Different Plasticizers in the Preparation of Polymer Compounds for Cable Sheath Xiang Xu Li*, Sang Bong Lee*, and Ur Ryong Cho**,†
40~53 Reinforcing Performance of Networked Silicas in Silica-filled Chloroprene Rubber Compounds Changseok Ryu*, Jae-Kyoung Yang*, Wonhyeong Park*, Sun Jung Kim*, Doil Kim*, Gon Seo*,†, Wook-Soo Kim**, Ki Woong Ahn**, and Beak Hwan Kim**
54~60 Comparison of SBR/BR Blend Compound and ESBR Copolymer Having Same Butadiene Contents Kiwon Hwang*, Jongyeop Lee**, Woong Kim*, Byungkyu Ahn*, Hyunsung Mun*, Eunho Yu*, Donghyuk Kim*, Gyeongchan Ryu* and Wonho Kim*,†
61~69 Characterization of Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) (EVA) Using Thermal Analytical Techniques Chae Eun Son and Sung-Seen Choi†
70~76 Service Life Prediction of Marine Rubber Fender Chang-Su Woo*,†, Hyun-Sung Park*, Il-Kyung Sung**, Soon-Hwan Yun**, and Jae-Moon Lee**

Elastomers and Composites
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