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블릿 Title(Kor) -
블릿 Title(Eng) Copolymerization of Organo Silane with Butoxyacrylamide Monomer and Its Physical Properties
블릿 Keyword crosslinker, amino resin, isocyanate prepolymer, trimethoxy silane, N-butoxymethyl acrylamide, molecular weight
블릿 Author(Kor) -
블릿 Author(Eng) Jong Hee Han, Byeng In Ko*, Won-Ki Lee, and Chan Young Park†
블릿 Date 2019.06.30
블릿 Attach file [07] 128-134박찬영.pdf
블릿 Page Page. 128-134
블릿 Abstract(Kor)
블릿 Abstract(Eng)
Many scientific approaches have been developed for the preparation of alternative crosslinker system of amino resins and isocyanate prepolymers. Herein, copolymerization of trimethoxy silane with N-butoxymethyl acrylamide was performed, and the product was reacted with hydroxyl groups in the alkyl main chain without the need for an additional crosslinker. For the crosslinker synthesized herein, the molecular weight, glass transition temperature, and viscosity increased with increasing content of N-butoxymethyl acrylamide.


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