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블릿 Title(Kor) -
블릿 Title(Eng) A Study on the Physical Properties of Heat resistance and Cut resistance of Coating Gloves for Work
블릿 Keyword gloves, coating, heat resistance, cut resistance, NBR foam, latex
블릿 Author(Kor) -
블릿 Author(Eng) Kyeong-Deok Pyo*, Eugene Jung**, and Cha-Cheol Park**,†
블릿 Date 2019.06.30
블릿 Attach file [01] 91-96박차철.pdf
블릿 Page Page. 91-96
블릿 Abstract(Kor)
블릿 Abstract(Eng)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of different yarn twisting methods on physical properties. Plain single jersey structured fabrics were knitted from Kevlar yarn, and from Kevlar/HPPE, and from Kevlar/Basalt fiber, and from Kevlar/Glass fiber and Kevlar/Stainless steel fiber blended and core-spun yarns. and then, The fabrics were coated NBR Latex. The physical properties, including tear strength, modulus, degree of penetration, heat resistance, and cut resistance of the knitted fabrics were investigated and compared. Kevlar/HPPE blended yarn fabrics recorded the highest heat resistance (13 Sec.). and Kevlar/HPPE blended yarn fabrics had good cut resistance (Cut Level 4).


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