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블릿 Title(Kor) *
블릿 Title(Eng) Study on Surface Chemical Structure and Mechanical Properties of EPDM Rubber with Microwave Irradiation Time
블릿 Keyword rubbers, ethylene propylene diene monomer, microwave-processing, swelling, crosslinking density, thermal
블릿 Author(Kor) *
블릿 Author(Eng) SeoBin Eom*, Sun Young Lee**, Sung Han Park***, and Seung Goo Lee
블릿 Date 2018.09.30
블릿 Attach file 2 124-130이승구.pdf
블릿 Page Page. 124~130
블릿 Abstract(Kor)
블릿 Abstract(Eng)
Recently, microwaves have been used for desulfurization because they can selectively dissociate C–S and S– S bonds present in vulcanized rubber. In this study, we investigated the changes in structural and physical properties of EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber by irradiating it with microwaves for different durations. The surface chemical composition of the irradiated EPDM rubber was analyzed by FT-IR, XPS, and EDS analyses. It was confirmed by XPS that C–S and S–S S2p peak heights greatly decreased when microwave irradiation was performed for more than 5 min. In the EPDM sample irradiated with microwaves for 10 min, the number of S–O bonds significantly increased owing to oxidation. As the microwave irradiation time was increased, SEM images showed cracks and voids on the EPDM surface. The 20% decomposition temperature of the EPDM rubber sample was investigated by TGA, and it was found to be about 435.23°C for the EPDM rubber irradiated for 10 min. The crosslinking density of the EPDM rubber was determined by measuring the degree of swelling, and the highest value was observed for the E5 sample irradiated for 5 min. The degree of swelling of the E10 sample irradiated for 10 min was lower than that of the E5 sample. These results indicate that when irradiated with microwaves for more than a certain time, desulfurization occurs and the side chain of the EPDM rubber dissociates and forms additional crosslinking bonds.


Elastomers and Composites
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