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Vol.53 No.4
Elastomers and Composites
Print : 2092-9676
Page Title Author DOI
195~201 Acoustic Properties of Rubber Compound for Anechoic Coating Jong Woo Bae*, Won Ho Kim**, and Byung Hyun Ahn†
202~206 A Study on Properties of SSBR/NdBR Rubber Composites Reinforced by Silica Dam-Hee Lee*, Xiang Xu Li**, and Ur-Ryong Cho*,**,†
207~212 Particle-based Numerical Modeling of Linear Viscoelastic Materials using MPM based on FEM for Taylor Impact Simulations See Jo Kim†
213~219 Study on the Thermal Degradation Behavior of FKM O-rings Jin Hyok Lee*,**, Jong Woo Bae**, Myoung Chan Choi**, Yoo-Mi Yoon**, Sung Han Park***, and Nam-Ju Jo*,†
220~225 Evaluation of Static Spring Constant and Accelerated Life Prediction for Compression Set of Polyurethane Resilient Pad in Rail Fastening System Seung-Won Lee, Jun-Young Park, Eun-Young Park, Sung-Hwan Ryu, Seok-Hu Bae, Nam-Il Kim, Ju-Ho Yun, and Jeong-Hwan Yoon†
226~233 Structural Simulation of Wrist Band for Wearable Device According to Design and Material Model Soon Yong Kwon*, Jung Hwan Cho*, Jin Yoo*, Chul Jin Cho*, Sung Hwan Cho*, In Young Woo**, and Min-Young Lyu**,†
234~238 Tribological and Mechanical Properties of UHMWPE/HDPE Composites Woo Seok Na*, Kwang Ho Lee*, Tae Woong Kong*,**, Jung Youn Baek***, and Jeong Seok Oh*,†

Elastomers and Composites
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