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Vol.52 No.3
Elastomers and Composites
Print : 2092-9676
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167~172 Evaluation on Fatigue Characteristics of Tire Sidewall Rubber according to Aging Temperature Namgyu Jun, Byungwoo Moon, Yongseok Kim, Jae-Mean Koo, Chang-Sung Seok†, Ui Seok Hong*,and Seong Rae Kim**
173~179 Synthesis and Properties of Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Siloxane Flexible Chain Jong-Ryul Park, Moon-Soo Bang†, and Jae-Kon Choi*
180~186 A Study on the Role of -SO3 − Ions in the Dehydration Limit of Poly(styrene-co-styrenesulfonic acid) Membrane Kwang-Hwan Ko, Joon-Seop Kim, and Chang Hoon Lee†
187~193 Effect of Co-agent on Cure, Mechanical Properties of NBR Compounds in Peroxide System Eun Ho Seo, Gi Hong Kim, Do Young Kim, Dong Won Lee*, and Kwan Ho Seo†
194~200 Characteristics with Casting Molding of Functional EPDM Through Grafting Polymerization Yoo Mi Yoon, Donghyun Kim*, Jeong Hoe Kim*, Minseub Kim*, Won Ki Lee*, and Chan Young Park*,†
201~210 Antibacterial Activity and Mechanical Properties of Poly(Lactic-Acid) Composites Containing Zeolite-type Inorganic Bacteriocide Yuri Park, Tae-Hee Park, Rami Lee, Jong-sung Baek, Kwang-Hwan Jhee, and Daesuk Bang†
211~215 A Study of Characteristics Variation of Thermally Expandable Microspheres in Post-polymerization Treatment by Various Initiators Hae Na You, Ji Hoo Kim, Myeong Woo Kim, Keon Il Kim, and Hyun Duk Park†
216~223 Cooling and Deformation Analysis of a Layered Road in a FDM Type 3D Printing Through Thermal-structural Coupled Simulation S. L. Kim and M.-Y. Lyu†

Elastomers and Composites
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